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Internal Displacement in Mogadishu, Somalia:
This publication (created by SIPR) provides an overview of internal displacement and the internally displaced person (IDP) in Mogadishu, Somalia. It analyses the humanitarian consequences faced by IDPs when they move to an urban environment specifically Mogadishu (the capital), and examines the different actors involved, such as the government, national and international organizations and host communities.


Stop the Hunger Campaign:

This publication (created by SIPR) is intended to raise awarness, provide information and hopefuly bring action. Feel free to use or share this as you help us to bring the much needed relief to the people suffering in Somalia.



An Introduction:
Somali Institute of Peace Research (SIPR) collects and engages peace studies in researches concerning the conditions for peaceful relations between Somali leaders, other neighboring nations, groups and individuals.

Our peace research endeavors are to put forward proposals for how the causes of Somali conflict can be recognized as early as possible, for how violence can be prevented and how political control can be put in place for solving those conflicts before they become disastrous. It is our hope that our peace researches and publications will play major role in answering these questions, and our proposals will be used by politicians at the national and local level, by religious leaders, political parties and the media.

Research Highlights

1) Building South Sudan's Only Peace Library.

2) Peace Scholar - Melissa McAdam (10-11) has published an article

"Taking Soft Power Seriously"

Comparative Strategy (Vol 29, No. 5)
coauthored with Matthew Kroenig (Georgetown) and
Steve Weber (UC Berkeley).







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